The reason why AFL is my hobby

AFL is a Hobby for me because it allows me to relieve stress, create friesnds and build teamwork. The reason why it releives stress for me is because of the body contact and the satisfaction of tackling somebody to the ground and allowing myself to get rid of all my pent-up aggression.

Why do we need hobbies or interests

We need hobbies to take our mind of other things, relieving stress, socializing and physical activity. These are only a few of the reasons why people need hobbies. Having hobbies is also important for you mental health and body as well, this is because if you don't go outside and play in the sun, you can possiably become vitamin D deficient. Also doing physical activity also releives stress and pent-up anger and exerting energy also puts you in a better mindset and in a better mood. So these are the reasons why we need hobbies and interests.

Why do I enjoy it

The reason why I enjoy it is because of the body contact and socializing. The reason why these are the reasons why I enjoy AFL is because with the body contact I can rlieve stress by tackling my opponents. Socializing is also an aspect of the reason why I enjoy it is becaause I get to make more friends and fun with other people.

what do you need for this hobby

The things that you need for this hobby is: an AFL ball, two teams, studed boots and a field. It would be a bit hard to get all of the requirements to play, so it would be best if you do like this hobby is to sign up with AFL Austrlalia so you can play with a team and against other teams.